Welcome to the website of Kevin, M0AHN

On here you'll find various content relating to my adventures in Amateur Radio - hopefully some interesting and maybe some useful
New Packet Radio (NPR) - Access my NPR Demo site via the 70cms Band
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If you hold an Amateur Radio license you can access my dedicated Amateur Radio website via a 470Kbps New Packet Radio (NPR) data link on 70cms. Via this link you can see technical information about NPR, chat in real-time with me and other Radio Hams, run speed tests and check out my future plans for the NPR link - all transmitted and received via 70cms
New Packet Radio (NPR)

New Packet Radio is a bi-directional IP over radio link designed by F4HDK for HAM Radio use. NPR operates over 70cms at up-to 500kbps and is 100% Open Source

VHF Contesting

Here you'll see my VHF Contest Results and contest antenna setup. The results are displayed on a map along with the Best DX, Distance and Score

Locator Tools

Establish the Distance and Azimuth between two locator squares and use an Interactive Locator Map that works solely on zoom - the more the zoom the more accurate the locator

And More ....

There's also my QSO Logbook and a Contact page too - see the links above. I'd love to hear from you if you've found my site useful or you want to arrange a contact.